Sports Hall
Sports Hall
Quality sports rear is the part of the hotel. The gymnasium is reconstructed after the flood,large sports hall has a new soft-wood board flooring which is used for several different, volley-ball, football etc. There is a separate stateroom for chances of trainings.There are held sports tournaments, cultural entrances, concerts and festivals.

Launge to let1 hour without lightening and heating 500,-Kč 1,5 hour- 750 Kč
1 hour with lightening without rating800,-Kč1,5 hour – 1200,- Kč
1 hour with lightening and heating 1000,-Kč 1,5 hour - 1500,- Kč
Extra pay for „match lightening“ 100,- Kč per hour

LAUNG LET FOR ALL-DAY EVENTS (concerts, balls, conferences) -33 000,-Kč + powers

GYM LET50,- Kč per entry
SEASON TICKET 1 month – 500,- Kč
TEAM – CIRCULAR TRAINING 250,- Kč per entry

BEACH VOLLEYBALL LET - 150,-Kč per hour

BK REAL Roudnice
tel.: 777 117 187, 416 837 797

Photo of sports hall:

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